Painting While Pregnant

Let me preface by saying that I was not an active artist while pregnant with my first 3 children. Now, I find myself pregnant with my 4th and trying to find the time and energy to keep up my mixed media art. Not only that, but I'm finding that many art supplies aren't safe to work with while pregnant. 

A few weeks ago I was testing out all of my pens and markers to take inventory and throw away the old ones, make a list of ones to be replaced etc. I grabbed a large blue Krink marker I hadn't used in a while. It leaked all over the floor, the paper, the desk and a little on my hands. It also smelled awful. Smelling it, hubby came running in and I got a nice lecture about reading all labels before using art supplies. Yes, I should have known better and now you bet your ass I ready every label. The blue stain is still on the floor. Hubby bought me some paper masks from the hardware store and I'm sticking to basic acrylics, water based mediums, regular pens etc. I have avoided certain supplies such as spray paints, spray adhesives, industrial strength glue and unfortunately my fixatives which I miss already. 

 I thought by eating right, avoiding any alcohol, too much caffeine and all the no no foods that I had it down especially by baby #4. But this goes to show you that you have to read the labels with pregnancy or any health concerns. It seems like a DUH but we don't always think these through the way we should. But that doesn't mean I can't create, responsibly. Here are some little pieces of art I've been creating to go in my Etsy shop. If you're interested in purchasing any of them, just email me at