art recipe challenge-sugar pie honey bunch

I am in an art exchange group on Facebook. It's an amazing group of women from all over the globe who exchange art of all types. I have made some friends for life and learned so much in the year I have been a member. A new part of the group is these ART recipe challenges created by the creator of the group, Jennie. The idea is that the challenge host comes up with 4-5 ingredients that are to be used in some type of art project. We've seen some amazing results so far. This past week I had the pleasure of taking part in a challenge hosted by group admin, Melanie. Below are the ingredients for the challenge and my step by step photos and descriptions as well as a list of the supplies I used. If you'd like to take part, just create your own art project using the ingredients and post on your own blog. Have fun!

Melanie's ART Recipe Challenge

  • Book Pages
  • Gelli Plate and/or prints
  • Opaque Pens
  • Stamps (Rubber, not postage)

Supply List

Above is my messy table while I was gelli printing. I used various stencils and hand made masks and matte paints. I used a brayer to spread the paint, put down a stencil, then printing onto white paper and deli paper. Each finished print was made of several layers. I also gelli printed directly onto my 8x8in stretched canvas.

Some of the many gelli prints I created on copy paper & deli paper WARNING: Gelli printing is totally addictive! 

After my gelli prints and gelli printed canvas were dry, I prepared my vintage dictionary page by lightly gessoing the back side, not the side I intended to paint on. This keeps the old paper from buckling when you're painting on it. It's a great trick that works every time! Once the gesso was dry, I lightly drew a face with colored pencil and painted over it using matte acrylic paints. Once the paint dried, I used colored pencils and pens to outline and detail the face. Matte paint allows you to easily shade and draw over the paint without scratching it.

Then I cut out the painted face leaving a little bit of an edge so that it's obvious she was painted on a book page. I used matt medium which is basically clear matte acrylic paint which I use as glue, to stick her onto my gelli printed canvas. I used an old plastic gift card to smooth her down for little to no wrinkling.

Then, to cover up the white areas where the gelli plate didn't make contact with the canvas, I tore off pieces of some of the gelli prints I made on deli paper. Since it's a translucent paper, you can still see through them a little bit which is the look I was going for. Again I used the matte medium and plastic card to adhere them to the canvas.

For my stamp element, I used label maker style alphabet stamps from the clearance section of an arts and crafts store with black archival ink. I stamped them onto copy paper I stained for a vintage feel.

Next I added a scalloped border on the left side using acrylic paint and for my opaque pen element, I used some Montana paint markers right over the painted scallop. They are my favorite paint markers because they are filled with matte acrylic ink so no plasticy finish!

I used the matt medium to glue down my stamped words and voila! She's a gift for my daughter Willow who loves it when I call her my "Sugar Pie Honey Bunch." 

And here's Willow with the painting which is currently hanging above her bed.